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Code Charm: BLACK JOY

The idea of code as charm, and code as gem, is an invitation to understand coding as an experience. Something that we DO. I hope that installing python, as I explain in greater detail below, opens up something new inside of you to explore the world of coding with the fullness of your senses. 


25 is the number for inside. Self-same. No blame, no shame. Love yourself from the inside out. All of our python code charms are $25 US online and $5 at events. You’ll be able to get the event price when you attend online, as well. Our first python code charm, BLACKJOY, is a mediation on love to the tune of 25. How much can the world change in 25 seconds, in 25 minutes, in 25 years?




This CODE CHARM requires a local installation of a python ide. I recommend checking out for Linux, MacOS, and Windows and Pythonista for iOS. ANDROID users, Google it for now. Haven't tested that yet. 


All the proceeds from the sale of our code charms fund our Black-led DEAF ONLINE PEER SUPPORTS program. Blend a few signs with us, and get coding :-)  


Until all of our lives are fully funded . . .





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